Payment Options

Online Banking

There are a number of methods by which current and future UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP students may pay their tuition. UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP prefers tuition to be paid via online banking or by Telegraphic Transfer.

  • From a major USA Bank Account

  • Go to "pay Bills & Transfer Funds"

  • Go to "Add a Payee"

  • Search Navitas at UML

  • Enter your Student ID as the Account Number

Wire Instructions for UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP 

  • Beneficiary Account Name: Navitas Lowell LLC
  • Beneficiary Address: 24 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110, USA
  • Beneficiary Account Number: 0046 3021 0266
  • Bank Name: Bank of America N.A.
  • Bank Address: 222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038, USA
  • ABA/Routing Number: 026 009 593

Credit and Debit Cards

UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP also accepts online payments by credit card (MasterCard and Visa). Visit Pay Online and enter the required details. The UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP Front Desk will only accept debit card payments.