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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for current and future students, their families and educational advisors


UMass Lowell Navitas Global Student Success Program

GSSP Orientation

Orientation is the beginning of your journey at UMass Lowell. It is a new study environment, a new country and a new way of life. It all starts at orientation, so don't miss it!
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What happens at Orientation?

  • Receive an orientation kit
  • Be introduced to a range of services and facilities the UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP offers
  • Purchase textbooks
  • Obtain your Student ID Card
  • Meet new friends before beginning study

There will also be information sessions concerning accommodation, employment, safety, health, and more all designed to help you settle into your new environment.

Most importantly, Orientation ensures that you are enrolled - you will take a placement test for Math and English, and obtain your UMass Lowell Student ID Card.

What should I bring to Orientation?

  • UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP Offer Letter
  • University's Letter of Acceptance
  • Passport
  • Form I-20
  • I-94 Card
  • Address details

What happens if I do not attend Orientation?

If you are not able to attend Orientation, you MUST CONTACT UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP to receive instructions about late enrollments.

Students who arrive past the first day of class will be deferred to the following semester.


August - Spring Semester 2020

On-campus students residence hall check-in:

January 15, 2020


January 16-17, 2020


Fox Hall Commons

Classes Start:

January 21, 2020

Classes Finish:

May 1, 2020