Arrival Confirmation

Arrival confirmation

Students who have their visa approved should plan to book a flight to arrive at Boston Logan International Airport (IATA Airport Code: BOS).

You have the option of arranging your personal transportation to reach the university or take our scheduled airport transfer services upon arrival at the airport. You will need to make the arrival confirmation and airport transfer reservation below.

Reminder:  Move in day is January 16, 2019. All students should arrive on this day.

Arrival date

The residence move-in date is January 16, 2019, so students should plan to arrive in Boston Logan International Airport (IATA airport code BOS) on this day.

After purchasing an airline ticket, students must complete the below Arrival Confirmation Form. This is required for both airport shuttle services and self-transportation to UMass Lowell.

Legal documents to have in your possession:

You may be asked to present all the following at the Port of Entry, so have them easily accessible in your carry-on along with your airline tickets:

  • Passport
  • Visa Document (Form I-20) - If the U.S. Embassy returned your visa document in a sealed envelope only to be opened by a U.S. Official at the U.S. Port of Entry, please honor this.
  • UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP Admissions letter
  • The Original Financial Documentation that you provided to U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

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UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP - Arrival Confirmation Sheet

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Arrival Details

Please specify the time your flight is arriving at Boston Logon Airport

Airport Transfer Reservation