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UMass Lowell Navitas Global Student Success Program


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UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP


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Orientation will help you settle into your study program as quickly and comfortably as possible. You will learn about important university policies and our expectations of students.

Attendance at orientation is compulsory for all new students. During orientation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive your academic course schedule
  • Meet your instructors, mentors, and UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP staff
  • Have your student ID photo taken
  • Buy your textbooks and supplies
  • Open a bank account
  • Enroll in a mobile phone service
  • Tour the campus, library and all student facilities
  • Take your math placement test
  • Move into your on-campus accommodation
  • Shop for any supplies you may need
  • Learn about your immigration status and related information
  • Take a tour of the city of Lowell
  • Meet all the other fantastic UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP students
  • Start your exciting UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP experience!