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Student Groups

UMass Lowell has over 200 student organizations. These clubs are open to all students and are a fantastic way to meet people, have fun, develop your leadership skills and make a difference

Some of our popular student clubs are:

Association of Students of African Origin (ASAO)

ASAO is a multifaceted organization that is organized and intended to express the culture and lifestyle of its constituents. Members of ASAO span from countries in Africa to those in the Caribbean islands.

International Student Club (ISC)

The purpose of this club is to provide a safe and fun place for international students to meet and get to know each other. The club will also organize events, trips and activities to promote the presence of international students on campus.

Entrepreneurial Ventures Association (EVA)

The Mission of the Entrepreneurs Club (EVA) is to build a supportive community for current and aspiring entrepreneurs at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. EVA is an interdisciplinary organization that is open to all majors.

Indian Students Association (ISA)

Indian Students Association (ISA) is a cultural organization that tries to bring out the rich traditions of Indian culture.

Middle Eastern Students Association

The Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) will educate and inform the school community about culture, traditions, customs, etc. and current news on what is going on in the Middle East today.

Music and Entertainment Industry Students Association (MEISA)

MEISA is comprised of students with an interest in the music and entertainment industries. Members gain experience and the opportunity to network with industry professionals on local, regional, and national levels.

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