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UMass Lowell Navitas Global Student Success Program

Faculty Profiles

Ashwin Mehta


B.S., Mechanical Engineering; M.S., Industrial Engineering, eMBA

Courses Taught:

Management, Marketing, Business

Philosophy of Education:

I have spent over 40 years in business/industry so my teaching is based on my personal experiences. I tend not to do lecturing but engage students in discussions. I see myself as a guide and facilitator first and an instructor second.

What do you enjoy most about working with UMass Lowell?

I have enjoyed working with students from different disciplines and cultures and they make me feel young! Also, I am able to develop new courses and programs.

Rachel Emelock


M. Ed., International Education; B.A., Social History and Sociology; Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate

Courses Taught:

Academic English, Intensive English

Philosophy of Education:

I believe that education should be a fundamental right. Every person in the world deserves the chance to better themselves, and through themselves, better their community.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at UMass Lowell?

I love that the students here receive so much support and attention from the UMass Lowell Navitas GSSP administrators. It is truly a team that helps the students succeed.

Nancy Kohl


Doctor of Arts in English

Courses Taught:

College Writing

Philosophy of Education:

As an educator, I adhere to the ideals of student-centered education. By using combinations of inquiry-based assignments with collaborative strategies and by explaining to the students what is being done and why throughout a course, they can acquire writing skills they need for continuing writing success.

What do you enjoy most about working for UMass Lowell?

UMass Lowell has an intellectually demanding, technologically savvy, multi-cultural vision of its future.